I work to reach that magic place I knew as a child, where “reality” disappears and all things are possible.

My work is a way of finding out who I am.  To quote Kurt Vonnegut; “I make art to experience becoming – to find out what’s inside me – to make my soul grow”.  Each piece tells me more about myself.  It’s a more honest statement about who I am and my relationship to the world than I can make in any other way.

I am a sculptor whose raw materials are scrap metal, wood and other materials I find.  I manipulate, add and subtract until the piece speaks to me and tells me it it is finished.  I live and work in the country with woods and a creek and have access to old tools and parts of farm equipment. Many of these materials speak of death and renewal.

Being an artist is a process of lifelong learning, you are never done.  Each piece is perpetual renewal.  It’s always for the first time.